Frequent asked questions about Sudoku 1on1.

Question: What are the rules of Sudoku 1on1?

The classic Sudoku rules should be applied: in each row, column and in the nine blocks of 3 × 3 cells each of the numbers 1 to 9 can appear only once.

Question: How is the spreading of points?

The player who solves a cell first gets 3 points. The player who solves the cell second, receives one point. Mistakes lead to the deduction of 3 points.

Additionally, there are the following bonus points:

Field completely solved: 10 points

Field completely solved first: 20 points

For the difficulty of the task, there is an additional surcharge of between 10% and 50% points.

Question: What difficulty levels are available for the tasks?

The difficulty of each task is roughly represented by colors:

  • Green: einfach / easy
  • Yellow: mittel / medium
  • Orange: schwer / hard
  • Red: komplex / complicated
  • Purple: extrem / extreme

In addition, there is a number from 00 to 99, which divides the difficulty more accurately.

Question: How do I distinguish strong and weak opponents?

Regarding opponents, the strength is only indirectly recognizable. A player with a high win rate seems to play better than others. Finally, you must consider the combination of opponents and task.